Monday, 12 February 2018

Safety and Service Features Audi Promotes For Hi-Tech Vehicles

Those who love luxury cars have multiple priorities before preferring them over others. While some go for looks, the others go for performance, while many love the power of technology. This is a core area where the significant brands fight closely, and they like to shower their power and technology in every model they demonstrate. However, Audi service centers and technicians believe that it is the responsibility of the brands to explain the virtues and benefits of all the features that they provide.

So what do their Audi Connect Safety and Services features include? Delving deep into the specs provided, there are certain things which have come to the fore. It includes:
  • E-Call- This is a direct connection to an emergency advisor who helps and guides throughout the entire process.
  • Online Roadside Assistance- The Audi Roadside Assistance is a very popular technology, and this gives a direct connection with the ongoing technology.
  • Service Request- This is something Audi has brought in brand new in their luxury vehicles. Once, the user enables the myAudi feature; the car earns the capability to send a service notification to the respective automotive Audi repair centers that the customers choose. The service center gets to contact owner and book all the work required for the vehicle.
These services have been now made standard on some models that are releasing the market, and all the details are widely available in each of the certified Audi service centers. However, the owners need to apply for a three-year subscription through the myAudi app from Apple Store or Google Play. Whether it is the vehicle status report or the remote lock and unlocking features you need, anything can be now done from your smartphone. Even when you are some distance away, you do not need to come down to lock your vehicle anymore.

Also to protect your vehicle from theft, the MMI connect app allows one to integrate with the anti-theft alarm notification taking the safety and security of your luxury vehicle to the next level. So, next time you think of buying an Audi, be rest assured the brand is going to provide extra coverage.