Thursday, 10 December 2015

Slow and Steady Growth Makes MINI Cooper a Trusted Brand in the Competitive Market

The fact that the Mini Cooper was first designed by an American, Frank Stephenson, surprises most of the people as it has always lied on the verge of garnishing the good of Britain, with the retro styling of the early 60's juxtaposed right against the cool Britannia era. Another striking fact being the owner, and that's BMW. Even though Stephenson has gone to work on Ferrari and McLaren hence after, but the Mini Cooper has kept its trademark that makes it recognizable now and then. With the branding factor overpowered by BMW, the Mini Cooper has been serving the car enthusiasts providing the perky dynamics for matching the perky looks thoroughly. Compromise has been the last thing on their list.

When the marque first launched in North America, it preferred to keep it simple with the R50 that held within, a 1.6ltr 4 cylinder engine delivering 115 horsepower and 110 lb-ft of torque. Then they launched the Cooper S, which had the same configuration but improved with a supercharger that gave 163 horsepower and 155 lb-ft of torque. You can easily recognize the Cooper S in the Mini Cooper Service Greensboro as it had the iconic scoop over its head. The very act of squeezing a supercharger within an already cramped engine bay meant you can't afford to have the battery within the trunk and need to ditch the spare wheel. So to meet these terms, the Cooper S deployed run-flat tires and kept an aerosol can in case you needed to repair a puncture.

The first generation of the Cooper had a standard 5-speed manual transmission that eventually shifted to the 6 speed in the Cooper S and stuck there for a pretty long time. To avoid monotony, the Coopers found some rearrangements and developed some better quality materials within the cabin. The Cooper S was gifted with the new 6-speed manual and an exhaust system that boosted up the output to 168 horsepower and 162 lb-ft torque. While purchasing the new Mini Coopers, most of the owners were provided with a wide array of options to personalize their vehicle with contrasting roof and side mirror colors, body stripes and a variety of alloy wheel designs.

The experts in the Mini Cooper Repair Greensboro NC centers prefer to spend as much as possible on the cars, but that must not be for merely showing off that you own an overpriced car. If you want to stretch your budget, make sure that you get the most recent and a well-maintained model. MINI provides its customers a certified pre-owned program, called the MINI Next, for all the vehicles that are not yet 5 years old and whose odometer shows less than 60,000 miles. This gives their trusted customers a bit of extra assurance and a lot of satisfaction.