Friday, 13 October 2017

Studying the Smartest Vehicles of 2017- A Miniature Report Card in Hand

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Competition is the key driving force in the industry, and the tougher it gets, the better is the final result. The annual report card that most of the students feared in school don't leave your back ever. The rating system has been implemented to keep a fair judgment of the efforts put in by everyone, and as far as the automobile industry is concerned, it is essential to rank the models and brands for a year to adjudge the engineering development and design features.

Taking statements from the experts at an auto body shop Greensboro NC, the advanced automotive equipment available nowadays are based on the sensors and the software integrated under the hood. The modern-day vehicles make the best use of radar, sonar, infrared, and cameras to keep themselves accustomed to the surroundings and make the driving smarter. But there are some brands who think beyond these specs and even focus on the construction methods. So how many of them are worth mentioning keeping the tough competition into account? Let’s take a short note of them.

The fifth generation of the Audi A4 debuts in 2017, and this time, it has come up with some fresh technology. The Virtual cockpit has been the most impressive and the Google Earth gives a detailed mapping making it easier for the drivers. The latest of all features being the Exit Warning which sends an advanced alert to the drivers within whether anyone might get hit when the doors will be opened.

Definitely, BMW never leaves a single inch of ground to Audi, and their brand new 7 Series is ready to give a neck to neck competition. To mentions the special specs integrated within the 7 Series, one might get confused where to start with. Be it the gesture control that has been integrated with the infotainment system, or the features that allow one to control the temperature from the backseat, BMW 7 Series is completely decked up. The outer shell of the vehicle has been made from high strength steel, aluminum, and even carbon fiber plastic bodies.

The body shops Greensboro mention that BMW and Audi are just the beginning, there are several other brands which can be added to the list. Next year, there might be some other brands who will take their position, and that marks the volatility of the entire industry.