Friday, 17 April 2015

Volvo Greensboro NC or the New BMW X3- Which Scores Better

With two options in hand and both of them better, it is hard to make a choice. The choice is more difficult when it is between the new Volvo XC60 and the BMW X3. The battle of the brands is full on leaving car buyers in a dilemma as to which one will be worthy of big bucks. A lot will go behind taking the decision. Take it from experts or the handy technicians at any collision repair Greensboro service center that has been handling the brands for long. They know all the pros and cons of both the make and can give a tip or two as to which car will be more loyal to your pocket on the long run.

How Do You Choose Between The Volvo XC60 and the BMW X3

So, there are certain parameters on which the judgment has to be made whether you are going to go with a Volvo Greensboro NC or BMW.

Reports point out that both the cars have faired well in the mid-size luxury SUV segment. They show off just the right blend of appeal, ability and size and complete with all the upgrades in place. The exterior is big and the dimensions clearly indicates that there is much cabin space for the entire family. Also there is much boot space that can literally gulp down enough luggage for a week long holiday. Both the BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60 has enough ground clearance and boasts of a four-wheel drive making it suitable for any kind of terrain. As far as looks are concerned, both are winners in their own right, plus the number of miles that they can count is also fabulous. All these makes it more tough to decide which one is going to be ‘the’ one. 

However, it is the drive that is going to be the decision maker according to technicians at auto body repair shop in Greensboro. They are all praises about the BMW X3’s new 190bhp diesel engine which is definitely smoother and has a lot of punch. Like other BMW machines this model also does not shy away from spinning faster with the eight-speed gearbox also giving a nice feel. The Volvo XC60 does not stay behind either. With a powerful engine, it also makes 215bhp. Plus, it scores over the BMW with an additional cylinder. The only difference is that the Volvo is more heavier compared to the slick BMW. But then, the heaviness is what makes the ride quality better according to many who have had a ride in the recent make. The bump absorption is great and when driven at a considerable speed, the drive is pretty enjoyable.

Since both the cars define luxury, they are equipped with more than the basic requirements. So, there are the rain sensing wipers, electrically adjustable wing mirrors and panoramic sunroof. The leather upholstery, multi-mode screen and the foldable rear-seat backrest are also a part of the list.