Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Volvo Polestar V60 Shifting the Gears in Greensboro For some Greater Market

Must have heard of Polestar! No? Since 1996, it’s been Volvo’s official motorsport partner and since 2009, it has been manufacturing various versions of road cars. Earlier this year, the Volvo Greensboro has bought 100 percent of Polestar's road-car division. So, if you expect something new in the line, there's nothing wrong in it. There's lot to come, and Volvo itself vouches for that. The Polestar cars are extremely modified: compared to the standard models of V60, they've upgraded to almost 50 individual parts and installed something near to 240 new parts.

How Does it feel Behind the Wheel?

The V60 Polestar of Volvo Greensboro NC has ferocious performance and some of the chassis modifications. But there’s an element of old-school about this car as well. As you might know, the future of Volvo lies exclusively in the Drive-E, which is nothing but a high-tech four-cylinder powerplant. Even its forerunner, the full-size XC90 sports utility vehicle is powered by four-pot engines, following the same for the future Polestars as well.

But the V60 Polestar is something totally a fun, because underneath the bonnet lies a 3.0-liter turbo-petrol straight six. This Vehicle has been ramped up to 258kW/500kW, which allows the speedometer of the car to reach 100km/h in 4.9 seconds, which is something that no one can ever ignore. The all-wheel drive system has been re-calibrated and can distribute up to 100 percent of power to the rear axle when and where required. The suspension of the car is even more intriguing along with the shock absorbers that have been borrowed from Swedish specialist Ohlins and all the four are manually adjustable. The Polestar comes accompanied with a full suite of the Volvo driver-assistance and a long chain of active safety technologies including autonomous braking, blind-spot alert, adaptive cruise control with collision warning, and lane departure assistance so that the traffic rules are left unhindered.

Volvo's are Known For?

The critics of the Volvo Service Greensboro NC remarks that Volvo is legendary for their efficiency, superb seats, and sheer practicality. Instead of losing some of the specifications in the V60, you get to gain a few special equipment items, such as the seats and pedals, sports steering wheel, illuminated gear lever and a unique instrument panel. Volvo never shows off, but there has been some change in this.

If you are expecting the V60 to be a compact wagon, then you are in for some real surprise. Space, if not too much, but some of it the vehicle been sacrificed for the sake of style and the luggage capacity of 430 liters isn’t that different than some of the family sedans. But the blend that the V60 has tried to bring in by increasing the passenger comfort and practical cabin design still makes it a happy family wagon.