Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Volkswagen Golf Sport Wagon Makes The Rest Look Spoil Sport

Fascination is something that may not be particularly for the entire thing. Confused? Wait, here’s something for you. You’re more of the artistic type with class and snobbishness deep rooted in your veins. To your racing and sports car is something more of rustic and disgusting, and you don’t find any reason why people race just to crash at the end of the day. But while you go by the sport cars, you can’t avoid taking a sneak peek at the space and versatility. Isn’t it? Nothing to be ashamed of, everyone craves for them. Obviously you don’t want a sports car in your garage, but what about the space. Volkswagen in Greensboro NC is worried of your fascination, and they’ve launched the all new 2015 Golf Sport Wagon exclusively just for you.

The non-sport car having the Sporting Spirit within

Not only does the five wheel drive Golf Sport Wagon has five doors but it also flaunts a classic and impressive European style handling. The most inspiring fact about it is that it has got 66.5 cubic feet of cargo room, which is comparatively more than a Chevrolet Trax small SUV and almost all of the Honda’s popular CR-V’s. Specifically the Volkswagen Service in Greensboro goes on to rate the diesel version of the 2015 Golf Sport Wagon at 31 mpg in city driving and 42 mpg or 43 mpg on the highway, depending on whether the engine is paired with an automatic or manual transmission.

You must not forget about the appeal that a torque makes on the diesel engines. The sudden thrust that the engine makes while starting and makes the passengers settle on the seatbacks lets you feel of the torque. The technicians at the Volkswagen Repair in Greensboro NC comment that the SportWagen's diesel engine shines by delivering a healthy 236 foot-pounds at a low 1,750 rpm. Like its predecessor, the 2015 SportWagen is a tidy, functional package. It stretches 15 feet in length, which is the same length as a CR-V. The electric-assist rack-and-pinion steering in the test-driven vehicle was precise and responsive, and a small turning circle made U-turns easy. The brakes stopped the vehicle quickly and the brake pedal's response was nicely linear.

There’s nothing to be upset of with the window seats having a power-up control and a 5.8-inch touch-screen on the panorama sunroof. It won’t be magic if you find all the models sold before you reach the showroom. So, don’t waste any time sitting in your home and get the available one as soon as possible.