Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The 2016 Volvo XC60 - Engineered to Empower

The 2016 Volvo XC60 kicks the market with all its luxury features and elements. Known as competing luxury compact SUV brand, this wonderful car gives off solid performance. The XC60 is powered by standout engine and high-end materials, therefore, is all set to compete with its contenders. The interior is offered with some of the most comfortable seats on the market, complemented by some elegant trimmings, inviting styling and advanced tech features that are easy to use.

As mentioned earlier, the XC60 is all about power and performance that won’t bore you either. Even though it is not as quick or sporty as some German rivals, the XC60 is known for its outstanding handling of corners with poise and confidence. Moreover, it is impressive in terms of price point, in comparison to other luxury cars. Thus you will be able to save money at the pump, because the XC60 offers better fuel economy estimates than any other rival.

Additionally, the XC60 keeps up Volvo’s legacy for safety and comfort, earning a bit more safety perks than it its rivals. Hence, it comes up with a wealth safety and driver assist features to ensure safe and secure journey. Its predicted reliability is, however,below average, notes Volvo Greensboro NC experts. Therefore, it is certainly not an SUV you can send down for generations.

The Volvo XC60 is certainly an impressive and amazing car and much admired for its wonderful interior. It goes even beyond while compared to its more expensive rivals like BMW X3 and Audi Q5. Defined with soft materials and both real wood and leather trim, the XC60 is stylistically offered with modern perks with detail that cannot be missed.

According to Volvo service Greensboro NC experts, Cabin climate controlling and tackling the same is straightforward and easy. The distinctive human-shaped climate control allows you to quickly identify where you want the air to flow. The stereo controls come up with easy-to-read buttons that simply audio functions. The 12 speaker premium stereo is known for concert-quality sound. An optional rear-seat entertainment system is standard.

Not another SUV in the class will come up with so much of cargo space as the XC60. Alongside 67.4 cubic feet of maximum cargo space, the XC60 offers an extra 10 cubic feet space. The next-highest cargo capacity in the class belongs to the BMW X3, generating 63.3 cubic feet. The new model includes an available power liftgate that offers more space letting you open and close the hatch with a single press of the button.

Much like the best in the class, the Volvo XC60’s offers accommodation for five passengers. The front seats offer superior support and comfort making your long road trips all cherishing and memorable. Rear seat passengers won’t be disappointed either, as the back seats offer adequate headroom and legroom for tall riders.

Over all the car looks impressive. However with regular servicing and repairing, it will last longer. For any servicing and repairing job, call in nearby Volvo repair Greensboro experts.