Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A Simple Reason Behind An Extra Pair of Brake Light in Audi Q5 and Q7

There are still quite a good number of car enthusiasts who love to study all the models that each of the luxurious brands come across. One who is an Audi fanatic must have gone through the Q5 and Q7 in heavy traffic or even on the highway. A closer look at the car will help them find out that both the SUV's have got an extra set of brake lights. However, only one set of the two would turn on while driving normally, but the other set just waits for the right time to dazzle the world with its illumination.

Now, why would Audi suddenly come up with an extra set of the brake light, and that too only in this two SUV's? Finding an answer to this 'why' will need a deep delve into the world of automobiles and after doing so here are some of the most obvious reasons that came out. It was indeed startling to find out that for quite a few decades, the Federal Government has had the regulation that no headlights or brake lights can be installed on the auto body which could be moved. So, this gets quite obvious that a car maker could not stick the headlights on the hood of the vehicle and also the brake lights at the tailgate as well since these two areas can be easily opened even while riding on it, and hence the lights would be out of the visible range.

Audi Greensboro NC was quite aware of this regulation, and they went ahead to design the Q5 and Q7 with the brake lights on the tailgate. So how could they get away with it since it did not comply with the Federal laws? And to meet the laws, the second set of brake lights were installed on the Q5 and Q7.

How exactly does it operate? One of the experts of Audi service Greensboro mentions that while normal driving, the brake lights on the tailgate are operational. But as soon as the vehicle detects that the tailgate is open, that particular set of brake lights will cease to function. And when that happens, the second set of brake lights gets on instantly. Next time you see an Audi Q5 and Q7 in heavy traffic you have your riddle solved regarding the extra pair of brake lights. Share it around with all, and let them shine with your knowledge as well.