Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Top Picks from Los Angeles Auto Show Cars for Every Lifestyle

BMW M3 CS Greensboro

The Los Angeles Auto Show rocked! A paradise to see plenty of vehicles - both electric and gas powered - to fit wide range of lifestyles.

Luxury and Comfort:

For those drivers interested in luxury and comfort, 2019 BMW X7 and 2020 Lincoln Aviator are the two crossovers that top the list. The BMW X7 comes up with amazing features such as glass shifter, heated and cooled cup holders, panoramic LED roof, and more. The Lincoln Aviator uses tech to offer a luxurious experience. The safety package equips it with forward facing cameras which alert the driver by detecting road for potholes or uneven pavement. Refer to professional BMW repair to fix issues with such system and have the vehicle ready for the road.

Weekend Warrior:

Jeep’s 2020 Gladiator is an automatic choice for weekend warriors. It comes equipped with a 6-speed automatic, three different 4-wheel drive options, removable doors, roof, and windshield. Towing facility is excellent at 7,650 pounds. If you are looking for an off-roader, consider Rivian. It’s an automotive newcomer. The R1T emphases off-roading, with the ability to drive through 3-feet deep water without doing any damage to the electric engines and it can sprint on a range of over 400 miles. The front trunk and the storage space demand appreciation.

BMW M340i Greensboro

Tech Enthusiast:

The Byton M-Byte, a Smart Intuitive Vehicle (SIV), is top choice for high driving. It boasts a large screen - 49 inches across - that extends the width of the dash along with a screen in the steering wheel. The 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE SUV comes up with a new user interface, called MBUX. The MBUX utilizes natural language processing and uses artificial intelligence to learn driver’s behaviors.

Value Seeker:

Those looking to get the most for their investment can consider plenty of options. There are lots of sedans and crossovers. The 2019 Mazda3 grabbed the eyeballs at the LA Auto Show. It comes with a new Skyactive - X engine, which offers impressive driving capability between fill-ups. The 2020 Hyundai Palisade is ideal for those having a growing family. It features three rows, plenty of USA charging points for all passengers, and intercom system that allows the drivers to communicate with the passengers in the second and third rows. Just like other competitors, the Palisade features a suite of safety features for all trims.
If you have a BMW model, be sure to take your vehicle to the nearby BMW repair Greensboro for regular maintenance and care.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Things to Consider to Prevent Common Car Problems in Your Volkswagen

volkswagen service

If you have a car, you will have to deal with accidents. Even if you take the best precaution, there are certain unfortunate events that you can’t ignore. Now, an accident can occur due to several reasons. It might be due to lack of maintenance or careless driving. All such problems can be easily solved with proper maintenance. By following these easy maintenance tips, you can get your Volkswagen ready for the road.

According to the Volkswagen service experts, One of the major common problems car owners face is the engine issue. Usually, your engine might snap when one of the spark plugs fires at the wrong time or not at all. Each spark plug is programmed to fire at a specific time and misfire can result from a number of things. It might happen due to bad wiring, bad fuel delivery, a vacuum leak or a mechanical breakdown. The best way to keep the spark plugs in good condition is by having regular maintenance performed on your vehicle and ensuring that the vehicle is in tune.

Another issue you may have to deal with is an evaporative emissions leak. The evaporative emissions system control system is configured to trammel the gas tank fumes. The leak might be caused by corrosion in the vapor lines or comprised canister. To resolve this, make sure to locate the leak and fix or replace the part. This issue can also be resolved by having the gas cap properly closed after refueling. It prevents the rust from building up on the system line. 

volkswagen auto body repair
Catalytic converter failure is another problem you might run into. It might require some expensive repair. Usually, it is caused by rust and corrosion leading to leak. Another problem you may run into is internal plugging which is caused by a carbon build-up. If this happens, the only way to fix the issue is by replacing the converter. These problems can be avoided by keeping engine in tune. Regular scheduled tune ups and system maintenance are the most important requirements to keep the vehicle in good condition.

A lot of problems can be fixed or avoided with regular maintenance. When the situation demands immediate attention, calling auto body shop Greensboro NC experts is absolute must.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Why Is It mandatory For Car Owners To Service The Brake Calipers

People are often enthusiastic about owning a stylish and high performance car but they seldom understand the importance of car maintenance. Car owners do not consider taking their vehicles for servicing until they face certain issues. Proper and on-time car maintenance ensures the vehicle runs efficiently and increases the overall life of the parts. Talking about car maintenance, brake caliper servicing is one important aspect, since the brakes are responsible for safety and accident prevention.

Car experts advice servicing of the brake calipers every 24,000 miles or every two years. However, car owners must understand that brake caliper servicing is not the same as the typical brake service. Brake calipers consist of brake pads and pistons and when the brake pedal is applied, they get pressed against the brake discs which stop the wheels from turning further. Brake calipers are subject to friction and hence get worn out quickly. If you delay brake caliper maintenance you can face the following problems:
  • Rusting and corrosion of the calipers
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Calipers become dirty
If you overlook maintenance, you may be risking your safety. This means, if the brake’s stopping power reduces due to worn out brake pads, you may end up in an accident and get hurt. Moreover, you may get stuck in legal issues due to damaging other’s property. Thus, all car owners must ensure the brake calipers are maintained properly. Brake caliper servicing includes cleaning and lubrication the slide pins. The pins are cleaned and rubbed with heat-resistant lube. The disc or drum brakes are also inspected during the servicing. The entire process takes about an hour.

Luxury cars such as Audi, BMW, etc. are built to last but they also require proper maintenance. Hence, those owning luxury cars must look for reputed service centres such as Audi service Greensboro to ensure proper upkeep of their vehicles. One more thing that car owners must look for is a reputed and trusted auto body shop Greensboro NC. This is because the various parts of the brake calipers may be get worn out and require replacement. Only good auto body shops will offer OEM parts and make sure no duplicates are being used. This ensures the vehicle’s efficiency is restored.

No matter what car you own, proper maintenance is a must. Therefore, it is important to know your car, how it works and what needs to be done to keep it running efficiently.

Monday, 17 September 2018

What Accessories Does the 2019 BMW X3 Offer

BMW repair Greensboro

If you are a current or prospective owner of the 2019 BMW X3 compact luxury SUV and are looking to add an element of customization, then have a look at these offerings of Genuine BMW Accessories.

BMW X3 Exterior Accessories:
To offer a sleek look, consider many different wheel choices. Step up to the BMW X3 in style with aerodynamics components like the BMW aerodynamic kit, carbon fiber mirror caps, a rear deck spoiler, front winglets, side skirt extensions, and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Add an element of customization with the aluminum running board. Add a new license plate frame to give the BMW X3 a nice personal touch. Use a car cover to protect the BMW X3 from the elements. To give the exterior an elegant look, engage experts from BMW Repair.

BMW X3 Transport Accessories:

The BMW X3 features a whole lot of transport accessories. This includes a bike rack, roof rails, a surfboard carrier, a luggage rack, a roof box, a ski/snowboard holder, and a Kayak holder. Also, for your towing needs, you can get the trailer hitch, trailer hitch cover, trailer hitch step, and towing adapter.

BMW X3 Interior Accessories:

Step up the beautiful interior of the BMW X3 with the floor mats and floor liners. Protect your car from heat and harmful UV rays of the sun with the UV sunshade for the windshield and the side window sun shades.

The new BMW X3 is also offered with a floor net, a multifunctional luggage compartment, a collapsible box, lashing straps, tie-down straps, a backrest bag, and a cargo cover. Improve the style of the BMW X3’s cabin with the stainless-steel pedals, carbon fiber interior trim, illuminated door sills, and wood steering cover.

BMW repair

BMW X3 Technology Accessories:

Would you like to enhance technological-sophistication for the BMW X3? Technology accessories include a phone docking cradle, the BMW Portable Navigation Pro, snap-in adapters, a dual USB charger, and a USB charger.

If you live in the Greensboro and are interested in accessorizing a BMW X3, then feel free to get in touch with us at Pacific BMW.

Overall, the car is impressive. To keep the vehicle in good condition, take your vehicle to the nearby BMW repair Greensboro service center.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

How to Fit a Land Rover Steering Damper

Land Rover Greensboro
A steering damper is a shock absorber for your steering, all live axle Land Rovers are equipped with steering damper to control vibrations and feedback caused by large diameter tires. The perimeter of the tire determines the efficiency of the steering damper.

Usually, it takes 20 minutes to complete. For the job, all you need is 17 mm socket, 17mm spanner, and WD40 or similar. The steering damper is not an expensive part. While the standard damper is available at £10, a gas version can be obtained at £20-£30. If you want to go all out, then the top of the range steering dampers are around £50-£70. Find more information regarding the price from Land Rover Greensboro NC auto body shop.

Removing the Steering Damper:

There’s no need to even jack the car up to get at the steering damper. It’s just behind the front bumper in the middle of the car.

It’s held in place by a nut on the end of the damper at the chassis end, and a bolt on the other end. You can easily undo the nuts and bolts to remove the steering damper.

While undoing the nut on the chassis end, the outer casing of the damper will start to turn. All you need to do is grab hold of the casing to stop it turning and the nut will be removed in the end.

Fitting the new Steering Bumper:

Fitting is the reverse of removal. Do up the 2 bolts at either end of the steering damper. It’s simple job, it can be done in no time.

No matter how much your other suspension bushes are worn, you can feel an instant improvement in the steering response. Try it off road, but for £20 its a good start to the suspension/steering overhaul.

If you are not confident at doing it on your own, bring your vehicle in Land Rover service center. The expert technicians can easily change your steering dumper. Once the damper is replaced, feel the difference instantly.The coil-over spring compresses and stretches from lock to lock dramatically reducing the return to center effort, the spring also works in harmony with the damper eliminating shimmy and vibration.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Six Ways You Could be Bringing Harm To Your Car

Owning a car does not only enhance your style factor but also makes life easier by adding mobility. However, things can turn upside down overnight if car owners fail to take good care of their vehicles. This means on-time cleaning and maintenance is very important. There are many other things that driver unknowingly do and end up damaging their cars.

Here we will point out the six ways you could be bringing harm to your car:

1. Disregarding the Check Engine Light

The ‘check engine light’ on the dashboard turns ‘ON’ when there is something wrong with the engine. Drivers often ignore this warning sign and do more damage resulting in expensive repairs. The ‘check engine light’ might also mean that the fault in the engine is impacting the overall fuel economy of the car. Therefore, it is a must that car owners take the warning seriously and get the car checked by a professional immediately.

2. Not Changing Fluids and Filters

Many types of fluids apart from the fuel is required to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle. However, these fluids need to be changed on a regular basis for optimal performance. Failing to change the fluids will result in clogging of the various parts, thus hampering the performance. Thus the fluids and filters must be changed regularly to help the vehicle run smoothly and extend its life.
3. Not Checking the Tire Pressure

Underinflated or overinflated tiers result in quicker wear out and can also lead to accidents due to improper balance. The fuel economy and performance of the car might also be affected. Thus it is a must that the car owners check the tire pressures regularly.

4. Using Low-Quality Parts

Car manufacturers use high quality parts to ensure top performance. However, these parts wear out with time and require replacement. Car owners often use low quality parts to save money; however, the unknowingly do more harm than good. By using high-quality parts car owners can extend the life and ensure a comfortable ride. Therefore, look for a good and reputed auto body shop Greensboro NC that offers best quality spare parts. Research a number of body shop Greensboro and make an informed decision.

5. Not Cleaning the Car

Not cleaning the car for too long leads to dirt build-up which contains various chemicals. This build-up corrodes the various parts, thus damaging the internal parts. Therefore timely cleaning is very important to ensure optimal performance.

6. Taking DIY Car Repair Projects

Another mistake that car owners often make is trying to mend things themselves instead of hiring a professional mechanic. This might be the costliest mistake, since owners can damage the car seriously if they are not trained to repair the car.

Avoid these six mistakes and extend the life of your vehicle and enjoy a comfortable ride with your friends and family.  

Monday, 21 May 2018

Mercedes E-Class Receives New Engines & Minor Changes for 2019 Model Year

 Mercedes E-Class
The Mercedes E-Class comes up with new engines, clever assistance systems, and a sporty look package. With new assistance systems, the E-Class performs as good as the S-Class, explains technicians of Mercedes-Benz Greensboro NC. For the new model year, it receives some new extras such as a sports style package, new interior options an fresh wheel designs.

The previous V6 diesel has been replaced by a new straight-six diesel OM 656 which generates massive power between 3,600 and 4,400 rpm. At 1,200 rpm, the in-line six produces 700 Newton meters, which remain available up to 3,200 rpm. The acceleration is determined at 4.9 and 5.1 seconds, the maximum speed is restricted to 250 km/h. The consumption is rated between 5.5 and 6.1 liters/100 km, the CO2 emissions between 145 and 161 g /km. The engine is typically designed to meet the mandatory Euro 6d Temp emission standard from 1 September 2018. 

New E300d: Strong and Dynamic:

The new E300d comes equipped with four-cylinder diesel and rear-wheel drive 52, 646. The OM 654 puts forth 245 hp and delivers with 500 Newton meters 100 Nm more torque than the well-known E200d. Thus, the sedan sprints in 6.2 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h. As before, E 200d (150 hp), E 220d (194 hp) and E 220d 4Matic are also available. Other engines will follow.

Mercedes-Benz Greensboro

E 53 4Matic + with New Inline 6-Cylinder

If you are a fan of the gasoline engine, you ca order the E 53 from June. Its engine delivers 435 hp and 520 Newton meters. An electric motor adds 22 hp and 250 Nm. It can cover from a zero-to-one hundred in 4.5 seconds and 250 km/h top speed.

In addition to the new engines, Mercedes also features a facelifted steering wheel: as in other models, the controls for the cruise control can be now found in the left-hand steering wheel spoke. The tempomat now also eats up map data, so for example can screech to a halt before curves and roundabouts.

The sport style package comes embellished with chrome elements in front and rear bumpers, tailpipe trims and 17-inch light weight wheels in 10-spoke design. The interior features of the sports package include a black inner sky, black open-wood ash on the center console and aluminum pedals with rubber studs.

Overall, the vehicle looks great. To keep the vehicle running in good condition, take it to the nearby Mercedes-Benz repair Greensboro NC center.