Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Highlights on New Audi RS5 Sportback

Audi has made a pretty big splash by unveiling the new RS5 Sportback. An unlikely car for the American market, the Audi RS5 Sportback has attracted a swarm of crowds. From everyone, including executives from rival brands, it seems as if the RS5 is gaining a lot of fans.

And it’s not difficult to understand why. This new RS5 Sportback looks amazing, as it borrows all the visual appeal from the RS5 Couple and adds it to a sleeker, more attractive Sportback body style. It comes up with boxy fenders and flared arches, especially at the rear where the boxed out rear fender looks stunning underneath the sweeping C-pillar.

“The visual appeal lies in the color. You can see the launches or debuts in black, white or silver. But just think of green. That’s something really amazing and you have every reason to admire Audi for it goes on to reveal its newest sports car, one that never hit the American market before, in such a polarizing color,” remarked one of the Audi repair experts.

On the inside, it retains almost same features as found in the RS5 Coupe, except for the additional rear seats and added cargo space. However, this specific car features a green contrast stitching to match its exterior color and it’s really fantastic.

The RS5 Sportback is powered by the same 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces 450 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. The engine comes paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and generates power to all four wheels. Audi throttles a 0-60 mph in 4 seconds but it is expected to be a quicker than that. The coupe can scoot from 0-60 mph in 0-3.7 seconds, which will keep you safe from any egos you might encounter while bench racing at the water cooler.

The RS driver assistance system throws in a head-up display, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and an upgraded top view camera system. Most importantly, the Dynamic Plus package offers an increased speed capacity from 155 to 174 mph along side beefy ceramic front brakes.

Overall, the vehicle looks impressive. To keep the vehicle in top condition, be sure to take to the nearby auto body shop Greensboro NC.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Safety and Service Features Audi Promotes For Hi-Tech Vehicles

Those who love luxury cars have multiple priorities before preferring them over others. While some go for looks, the others go for performance, while many love the power of technology. This is a core area where the significant brands fight closely, and they like to shower their power and technology in every model they demonstrate. However, Audi service centers and technicians believe that it is the responsibility of the brands to explain the virtues and benefits of all the features that they provide.

So what do their Audi Connect Safety and Services features include? Delving deep into the specs provided, there are certain things which have come to the fore. It includes:
  • E-Call- This is a direct connection to an emergency advisor who helps and guides throughout the entire process.
  • Online Roadside Assistance- The Audi Roadside Assistance is a very popular technology, and this gives a direct connection with the ongoing technology.
  • Service Request- This is something Audi has brought in brand new in their luxury vehicles. Once, the user enables the myAudi feature; the car earns the capability to send a service notification to the respective automotive Audi repair centers that the customers choose. The service center gets to contact owner and book all the work required for the vehicle.
These services have been now made standard on some models that are releasing the market, and all the details are widely available in each of the certified Audi service centers. However, the owners need to apply for a three-year subscription through the myAudi app from Apple Store or Google Play. Whether it is the vehicle status report or the remote lock and unlocking features you need, anything can be now done from your smartphone. Even when you are some distance away, you do not need to come down to lock your vehicle anymore.

Also to protect your vehicle from theft, the MMI connect app allows one to integrate with the anti-theft alarm notification taking the safety and security of your luxury vehicle to the next level. So, next time you think of buying an Audi, be rest assured the brand is going to provide extra coverage.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

What to Look for in an Auto Body Shop Greensboro NC?

auto body shop Greensboro NC
Without knowing what to search for, picking a quality auto body shop is hard-hitting. It is significant to select the right auto shop to make sure the vehicle is fixed accurately the first time. It is also the best way to make sure the shop is reliable and honest. There are many significant features of a good shop, including an experienced certifications and staff.

A Certified Shop
A good auto body shop Greensboro NC is authorized by the largest auto organization. Facilities that gain the endorsement of the organization have proven their abilities as documentation is often a drawn out process. To become permitted, an auto shop must exhibit it has qualified technicians, the latest equipment, and a proper facility. It must also show it provides above average training to its employees. Larger associations always collect pointer from prior customers as well before issuing an authorization.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

A good auto body shop has competent staff with a number of certifications. Certification from ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) is particularly significant. ASE is a non-profit group that provides certifications to car technicians that show expertise in their trade. Most training necessitates a great deal of experience and knowledge and demonstrates a technician is an expert in their field.   

Positive Customer Reviews

When achievable, former clients should be conferred with about their experience with the shop. Reviews should cite that the vehicle was fixed accurately the foremost time and work was completed in an appropriate manner. Positive reviews should also talk about whether a service contract was provided by the body shop and if the provision was orderly and clean. A facility that has the endorsement of a large automobile association has shown a record of positive feedback from customers, although it is always a fine idea to check into a body shop Greensboro as much as doable.

body shop Greensboro

Accepts All Insurance
Another significant characteristic of a good body shop is its approval of all forms on insurance. An auto body shop that accepts all insurance providers makes obvious it has understanding working with insurance companies to straighten out claims quickly. This is also a matter of expediency and makes it easier for the vehicle possessor to decide on a shop they feel secure with. Selecting the right auto body shop requires a bit of consideration and patience.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Trends That Defined the Course of the Automotive Industry in 2017

No business finds its prominence over a short period of time, and as far as the automotive industry is concerned, constant and gradual change in the industry is the most challenging aspect to deal with. Considering the scenario even in the past decade, it was pretty tough for the automakers and service centers to find any sign of success. But as time progressed and life started getting faster, individuals had to rely on something that could give them freedom and increase their self-dependence on the road and regular commuting.

However, the recession was a big hit for the auto body shops Greensboro NC, as the supply of OEM parts was restricted and even there was a huge change in the customer demographics. Even there was a shortage of skills as well, but it was just the test of time, and the entire automobile industry survived it pretty well.

However, there were some interesting changes that could be noticed in the market. As the sources for fuel kept increasing, the technology department expected a huge boost for the entire lot. Sources like electricity, hydrogen fuel cells, bio-diesel allowed the industry to evolve daily, and brought in multiple opportunities for the automotive industry to invest further.

Most of the body shops Greensboro have started targeting and approaching for a new market that has stayed unventured always. As the global economic conditions are getting better every single day, they expect to have a positive impact on their business and as the sale of luxury vehicles are increasing every single day, the demand for OEM parts are also on the rise. However, such a venture is not relieved of challenges that exist. Since most of the auto body shops and aftermarket suppliers are keen to have their profit margins increased, they are trying to anticipate better scopes of investment available in the market. The entire concern has been the progress of the automobile industry and going by the current scenario, it actually is a positive note to find some enthusiasm regaining the industry.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Studying the Smartest Vehicles of 2017- A Miniature Report Card in Hand

auto body shop Greensboro NC
Competition is the key driving force in the industry, and the tougher it gets, the better is the final result. The annual report card that most of the students feared in school don't leave your back ever. The rating system has been implemented to keep a fair judgment of the efforts put in by everyone, and as far as the automobile industry is concerned, it is essential to rank the models and brands for a year to adjudge the engineering development and design features.

Taking statements from the experts at an auto body shop Greensboro NC, the advanced automotive equipment available nowadays are based on the sensors and the software integrated under the hood. The modern-day vehicles make the best use of radar, sonar, infrared, and cameras to keep themselves accustomed to the surroundings and make the driving smarter. But there are some brands who think beyond these specs and even focus on the construction methods. So how many of them are worth mentioning keeping the tough competition into account? Let’s take a short note of them.

The fifth generation of the Audi A4 debuts in 2017, and this time, it has come up with some fresh technology. The Virtual cockpit has been the most impressive and the Google Earth gives a detailed mapping making it easier for the drivers. The latest of all features being the Exit Warning which sends an advanced alert to the drivers within whether anyone might get hit when the doors will be opened.

Definitely, BMW never leaves a single inch of ground to Audi, and their brand new 7 Series is ready to give a neck to neck competition. To mentions the special specs integrated within the 7 Series, one might get confused where to start with. Be it the gesture control that has been integrated with the infotainment system, or the features that allow one to control the temperature from the backseat, BMW 7 Series is completely decked up. The outer shell of the vehicle has been made from high strength steel, aluminum, and even carbon fiber plastic bodies.

The body shops Greensboro mention that BMW and Audi are just the beginning, there are several other brands which can be added to the list. Next year, there might be some other brands who will take their position, and that marks the volatility of the entire industry.

Monday, 11 September 2017

With Spring, Know Your Responsibility Towards Quintessential Car Care

In a couple of months, there will be winter, and as the winter will wind down, the sun will be back in its own glory with all warmth and heat. So just like you adapt according to the temperature changes, your car needs to adapt as well. Your car is no less than your pet, and just how you take ample care of it, even your car needs to be taken care of as well. There are definitely multiple strategies to work upon, and adhering them will ensure you to find your vehicle in the best performance.

Take suggestions from the experts at any auto body shop Greensboro NC, they will easily guide you through the process of taking care of your car during Spring.

Once the winter is over, and all the snow has melted down, make sure you make your car go through a thorough wash and wax. Driving in the winter months actually put your vehicle under tremendous pressure, and it goes over humongous dust and debris. So before spring rolls out, make sure you have all of them gone from your car, because the more they pile up, more the paint and finish of your car is affected and before even you know, there will be rust formation.

Tire pressure is important to round the year, and with every seasonal change, the requirements are also gone. Just because the chilling months have been there for quite a stretch, the temperature often reduced below the freezing point. And going by the laws of Physics, with fall in temperature, the pressure in the tires decrease. But, now it's spring, and the mercury has started soaring. So there is every single possibility that tire pressure will increase. Make sure the pressure doesn’t increase the manufacturer specifications because that might bring in serious impact on the fuel economy.

Make sure you have your engine checked by the experts at body shop Greensboro. The check belts and the hoses are areas where the snow leaves the harshest impact making them highly brittle. A little bit of effort on your part will help you get a better ride on road.

Now that you’ve known all the reasons for letting your car go under thorough check, make sure you have it before you’re broken down mid road, and have nothing but to repent.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Volkswagen Jetta Finds A Tough Fight From Honda Civic In Compact Sedan Segment

Compact Sedan has suddenly been the craze in the automobile industry. People find it more comfortable and affordable to have the compact Sedan, especially when it is being bought as a family car. Those who specifically look out for the fuel sipping compact Sedans, both the 2016 Honda Civic and Volkswagen Jetta are ought to be in their check-out list. Since both have sufficient room within, and the recent updates on the brands have maintained the luxury factor, these two models have geared up their favoritism in the market.

Volkswagen Greensboro
Volkswagen Greensboro NC

However, you have to finally narrow done on either of them and hence a steady comparison will give a broader view into the vehicles. While the Honda Civic has been completely redesigned to find new powertrains and a better cargo space, the Volkswagen Greensboro brings in only several notable changes as of now. Since Volkswagen has been hit by the diesel emission scandal, they have completely done away with the TDI models.

Honda Civic is definitely too new to find some comment on the reliability factor, and this is exactly where the Jetta goes a few step ahead. With an above average rating from most of the auto administrative bodies, the Jetta finds some lead in the race with Honda Civic. However, both the models are identical for the warranty coverage, and the figure is 3 years bumper to bumper coverage or 36,000 miles.

While the technology is being brought into prior notice, Jetta can never disappoint you under any circumstances. Most of the high tech gadgets are available within. Be it the 6.3 touchscreens, bi-Xenon headlights, dual zone automatic control or the blind spot monitoring system, Apple CarPlay and upscale 8 speaker Fender audio system that you name, each and every item can be found integrated within. However, Civic doesn’t fail to match the grounds with Jetta at all. But there’s no denying the fact that Jetta from Volkswagen Greensboro NC is always a better choice for those enthusiasts who are keen about the technology.

Even of the safety options, Jetta comes up with the forward collision warning, automatic braking, blind spot monitoring system, and even the rear cross traffic alert in addition to the standard safety measures that come in both the vehicles. However, both the Civic and Jetta have passed the crash test that is generally carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Definitely, the Volkswagen Jetta has been the favorite of most car enthusiasts, but without the highly efficient TDI variant, there’s been a major compromise in the appeal for sure. If Volkswagen doesn’t persevere hard, it is just the matter of time when Honda will surpass Volkswagen in the market.