Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Volkswagen Jetta Finds A Tough Fight From Honda Civic In Compact Sedan Segment

Compact Sedan has suddenly been the craze in the automobile industry. People find it more comfortable and affordable to have the compact Sedan, especially when it is being bought as a family car. Those who specifically look out for the fuel sipping compact Sedans, both the 2016 Honda Civic and Volkswagen Jetta are ought to be in their check-out list. Since both have sufficient room within, and the recent updates on the brands have maintained the luxury factor, these two models have geared up their favoritism in the market.

Volkswagen Greensboro
Volkswagen Greensboro NC

However, you have to finally narrow done on either of them and hence a steady comparison will give a broader view into the vehicles. While the Honda Civic has been completely redesigned to find new powertrains and a better cargo space, the Volkswagen Greensboro brings in only several notable changes as of now. Since Volkswagen has been hit by the diesel emission scandal, they have completely done away with the TDI models.

Honda Civic is definitely too new to find some comment on the reliability factor, and this is exactly where the Jetta goes a few step ahead. With an above average rating from most of the auto administrative bodies, the Jetta finds some lead in the race with Honda Civic. However, both the models are identical for the warranty coverage, and the figure is 3 years bumper to bumper coverage or 36,000 miles.

While the technology is being brought into prior notice, Jetta can never disappoint you under any circumstances. Most of the high tech gadgets are available within. Be it the 6.3 touchscreens, bi-Xenon headlights, dual zone automatic control or the blind spot monitoring system, Apple CarPlay and upscale 8 speaker Fender audio system that you name, each and every item can be found integrated within. However, Civic doesn’t fail to match the grounds with Jetta at all. But there’s no denying the fact that Jetta from Volkswagen Greensboro NC is always a better choice for those enthusiasts who are keen about the technology.

Even of the safety options, Jetta comes up with the forward collision warning, automatic braking, blind spot monitoring system, and even the rear cross traffic alert in addition to the standard safety measures that come in both the vehicles. However, both the Civic and Jetta have passed the crash test that is generally carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Definitely, the Volkswagen Jetta has been the favorite of most car enthusiasts, but without the highly efficient TDI variant, there’s been a major compromise in the appeal for sure. If Volkswagen doesn’t persevere hard, it is just the matter of time when Honda will surpass Volkswagen in the market.