Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Volkswagen Arteon Reincarnates the Passat For Keeping the Market Tight

2006 marked the epic moment in the history of Volkswagen, as they came out with the Passat. It was just a matter of time for the model to go crazy among the car enthusiasts, and soon it turned out to be one of the most popular models that Volkswagen ever came up with. But as and when time passed by, even Volkswagen has accepted that they couldn't do much with the Passat. Hence, the fact that Passat needs a complete overhaul, is a mere understatement.

Finally, after more than a decade, Volkswagen has finally made it successful in bringing an overhaul in the name of Volkswagen Arteon which will be flooding at all body shops Greensboro most probably in 2018. As the manufacturers have identified the redundancy that is coming in all their vehicles, the avant-grade fast track design in Arteon is expected to bring in a completely new era of design for Volkswagen. The car has a seating capability for five people and without compromising the comfort within.

The standard equipment for the American market will generally include LED headlights and tail lights along with aluminum alloy wheels. Those who will be opting for the Sporty R-line version would find the aggressive designing styles, and those who would like to opt the Elegance will receive the extra chrome and minute detailing to have the uplift in appearance. However, who have taken a sneak peek at the interior of the Arteon would find the touch of Audi, and these design treatments have been subtly incorporated to make sure the contest gets tougher between the brands.

Behind the rear seats of the Arteon Volkswagen Greensboro, one will find a trunk space of 19.9 cubic feet which is generous enough compared to what Passat provided. And once these rear seats are being completely folded down, one might be startled with the 55 cubic feet of cargo space, which is something very close to the small crossover SUV. The more honey you pour, the sweeter your Arteon gets. The Sports R-line and Elegance will even offer the car owners premium leather with Alcantara suede trim and even aluminum pedal covers as well.

Arteon gives Volkswagen the necessary edge in building up their reputation and prove to the world that they can break out from the stereotype and come up with something new. This is by far the most progressive of all models they have come up with and promises to change the future of automobile industry.