Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Mercedes-Benz GLC Revamps Banishing the Boxy Build of the Predecessors

The very first launch of the Mercedes-Benz GLK was not that appealing as one expected from the brand. As it inherited the tall and upright performance of the G class, and had the boxy cabin behind, the absence of the space was not just felt, but also visible. The compact luxury crossover is generally supposed to have a bit lavishness well packed in a neat and petite package. Whereas the GLK seemed to be austere and upright, the design that the GLC of Mercedes-Benz Greensboro NC followed was sober, and had the refined elegance in it's touches beneath the solid structure. The large wheel and the aggressive stance that it shows up on the road have been successful in appealing the women, and the inherent style that it possesses makes it bring out the essence of the premium crossover.

But Mercedes-Benz thought of making it better like any other brand and hence the latest version of the GLC is almost 20 inches longer than its predecessor. The designers have been really keen in working technically on this extra space, and made sure that it reaches the second row. So the leg space gets a room of 2.2 inches more and one can find some stretchable area within as well. Even the rear seats have become wider and no longer do the passengers get their shoulders rubbing against each other. Like the Sedan sibling that it has in the market, the GLC can also be opted with the real wheel or the all wheel drive which is powered by the 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine which efficiently produces 241 horsepower mated with a nine speed transmission.

Apart from the ride height, the GLC looks almost familiar with the new Mercedes C class that has floored the entire market. Just like the C class, the GL even boasts the lavish interior along with the updated instrument panel and the latest I-pad like infotainment panel. Most of the technicians who've been working on Mercedes-Benz repair for ages have all good words about the steering that has been ideally weighed and the suspension that balances the ride versus handling equation with no harshness on the impact. What has been very strategic on Mercedes' part is they've named all their crossovers beginning with GL, and the final letter denotes where actually the model fits in their line up. This particular version is being underpinned with the sedan C class and hence name the GLC. It's worthy of the luxury crossover for the middle class to ride.